Knoxville TN Jan 15, 2021, Pint Night at Alliance Brewing Co Raised $211 for Bryant's Bridge. 

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Bryant's Bridge Inc shared a video on their social media Tuesday. The organization's founder Sean Bryant announced the LGBTQ Transitional Home has taken in their first youth clients in one of his "We can make change" style dad talks on Tiktok.

In speaking with this nonprofit's founder, I learned he feels called to help youth in this way. He explained, "I’ve been led this whole time and have just tried to follow the higher purpose." He told me that Bryant's Bridge is modeled after his mother, whom he said, "loved everyone and accepted people for who they were."  His mother passed away in 2017. He began creating Bryant's Bridge on her birthday in 2020.

Mr. Bryant seemed ecstatic that his dream has come to pass just over one year from the date of its fruition. He exclaimed "I’m excited to really give this a try to see what can happen." "It’s my lifelong dream to support our community." He continued, "community creates change."

Sean thanks his board of directors for Bryant's Bridge and all the volunteers that have helped the home become a reality. He stated, "appreciation is my ultimate goal".  (To me this home is an example of a dream becoming a goal that with effort became a reality. If he can do it, then we all can. 

Bryant's Bridge Mission Statement is "Bryant’s Bridge intends to provide affordable housing and a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth to prevent homelessness and promote growth in the areas of education, employment, health and mental health to develop strength of character and promote healing and independence in a world where societal structures create obstacles and hinder support systems necessary to adequately navigate the transition from youth to adulthood. " 

Bryant's Bridge Facebook Video "Letting LGBTQ youth know they are welcome at Bryant's Bridge."

 Jan 27 2022 Empowering Appalachia Podcast featuring Sean Bryant founder of Bryant's Bridge 

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(photo 1 Inside of the home. Photo 2 Founder's mother who inspired the home and its name.). 


Inside of the Bryant's Bridge Nico's Home

Founder's mother who inspired the home and its name