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Knox Pride announced in a LIVE steam of their monthly board meeting on Tuesday, that they are moving the 2022 Knox Pride Festival to Fall of this year. The festival will now be a 3-day event, which is the first of its kind for our area. Knox Pride President John Camp stated, "we are still a FREE festival". Here is the list of the 3 days of events.

Knox Pride Festival 2022 Sept 30-Oct 2 2022

Friday Sept 30 Evening Parade down Gay Street.

Saturday Oct 1 Pride Festival at World's Fair Park

Sunday Oct 2 Brunch and Shopping with Vendors at World's Fair Park

Mr. Camp explained, "For the month of June different organizations will be doing things, we will be doing things as well. We felt like October would be a little bit cooler...Organizations like South Side Pride will continue to do their events." Changing the event to the fall will coordinate with the 1-year anniversary of the opening of the (Knox Vocational) Pride Center. The Pride center is open throughout the year.

When asked about South Side Pride looking for a new lead organizer John replied, "We have a meeting to talk with them coming up this month...we aren't looking to run another entity, but we will be happy to assist."

Along with more events, to include Affirmation Days, Knox Pride is helping the Community Action Committee's Homeless Youth Program Youth Wins to assist their youth by organizing a giving tree in December, classes in the coming months, and their current effort to help a youth find furniture for their new home. Contact Knox Pride or Youth Wins to find out how you can help.

Knox Pride Vocational Center Events

List for remainder of January to early February.

Please visit their website for the latest list of events.

Jan 14 6pm Rainbow Teen Social Club ages 13-16

Jan 18 6pm Grief Support Group (Offered every Tuesday. I spoke with the host of this event asking for more information on who could attend. they are happy to help with any grief including pet loss.)

Jan 19 5pm Choice Health Testing Clinic

Jan 22 2pm K.Q.Y.A. Knox Queer Youth+ Allies - Young Adult Meet Up

Jan 25 6pm Grief Support Group

Jan 27 6pm Queer Yoga Rescheduled to Feb 3

Jan 28 6pm Rainbow Teen Social Club

Feb 1 6pm Grief Support Group

Feb 3 6pm Queer Yoga Rescheduled from Jan 27

Feb 2 5pm Choice Health Testing Clinic

Feb 4 7pm Brattie's Cathartic Karaoke

Feb 5 10am Magic the Gathering

Feb 15 10am to 4pm Knox Pride Affirmation Day

If you have any questions about Knox Pride Events or would like to partner for a future event, please email them at

Knoxville hasn't had an in-person Pride Festival in 2 years. In 2020 Knox Pride wisely decided to postpone the Knox Pride Festival 2020 due to the pandemic, then in 2021 Knox Pride opted for a Digital Online Festival, titled DigiFest which had poems, yoga, bingo, -and-comedy. I know celebrating pride and being proud isn't just one day or now 3 days a year, but it will be nice to get out to see our "Community Family" together again. ~Beau

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