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The City of Knoxville TN

Knoxville TN may seem like a small town to some and a large city to others. What it is to me is a community that wants to grow to be accepting and supportive of the LGBTQ Community. 

Knoxville LGBTQ Nonprofits and Resources have grown significantly in the last 5 yrs. Also in that time, more businesses have stepped forward to show their support.  Shop where you feel comfortable, find the information you need, when you need it, without membership fees or any gate keeping. I give you my best effort at building a website with all that you need to lead a happy life. 

 ~Beau Knowles LGBT Website Creator

Learn about this city and the surrounding towns. Find Knoxville Events, Parks and Hiking Trails on our REALTOR PAGE

The Knoxville LGBTQ FRIeNDLY Business Directory

There are over 750 listings of LGBTQ Friendly Businesses, Non-Profits Plus Resources in the directory. 

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 The directory was begun as I found myself at home in 2020 as a non-essential worker. Maybe someday that phrase won't mean as much but here in 2024 it says a lot. The directory is my own personal research. Business have requested to be added to it, others are reviewed and still more are referred. We hold these businesses to the highest standard of support. They will be removed if at any time we find them to be un-LGBTQ Friendly. ~Beau  Knowles Lgbt

Click icon to the Directory, Find the listings at the bottom of our main page or in our drop-down menu. We have multiple location to help with possible accessibility limitation. (You will also find the links to the directory at the bottom of this website. I have listened to the needs of visitors. Accessibility was taken into consideration when it was created.)

Our Pride Festivals

Knox News Youtube video Knoxville Pride 2019

so kno pride * knox pride * blount pride

Knoxville has 2 Pride Festivals each year.  SoKno Pride in the Summer & Knox Pride Festival in the Fall. We have a neighboring Festival in Blount County.

SoKno Pride is 3 years old.  It is a street festival in South Knoxville on Sevier Ave. It is held each Summer. Knox Pride Fest is a 3 day Festival consisting of a Parade, Festival with Performances and a Vendor Market. It is held in the Fall. 

Article Pride 2023 Festivals Across the Southern United States Pride Festivals in Middle and Eastern Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky. Including some 1st Annual Festivals in smaller communities. I created this list for my businesses and followers. Enjoy. Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses 

lgbtq news of knoxville & east Tennessee

Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory provides information on organizations and events of interest to you. Some LGBTQ supportive non profit organizations you will find in this section are SoKno Pride, Blount Pride, Knox Pride, Byrant's Bridge, Planned Parenthood and more. Articles by Knox LGBT Businesses Beau Knowles

LGBTQ Friendly Businesses Are Hiring

Is your LGBTQ Friendly company hiring? LGBTQ employees want to feel accepted and supported in their jobs. Email us with job description and contact information.  

Beau Knowles Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory Knoxlgbtbusinesses@gmail.com

Knoxville's Pride Center

Knoxville's Pride Organization runs a Store Front Pride Center on Chapman Hwy in Knoxville TN. This location offers many events to teach, support and empower the LGBTQ Community of Knoxville TN.

 In January 2023 Knox Pride turned it's clothing closet into a Thrift store Boutique ~ Thriftique. Items are low priced; sells will go to help run this center but if anyone is unable to pay let the staff know. Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm. Proceeds support the center, Items can be taken free of charge, Located in the Collaboration Suite of the center. 

KNOX PRIDE CENTER OPENS THRIFTIQUE CONCEPT STORE Youtube Video from WBIR News station on the Knox Pride Community and Resource Center has opening the Knox Pride Thriftique. "You can shop for free or pay to help cover the cost of the center. All are welcome!!!" Knox Pride Thriftique 4044A Chapman Hwy, Knoxville, TN 

KNOXVILLE'S LGBTQ Friendly and supportive spirtual organizations

Keep the Faith, LGBTQ Accepting Churches and Spiritual Organizations in and around Knoxville TN.

Have you ever wondered if you would be accepted at a church or other spiritual organization? Have you felt unaccepted at some? There are over 30 LGBTQ Accepting Churches and Spiritual Organizations in and around Knoxville TN. There are so many that I have trouble keeping this info up to date. (True Story Beau)

Appalachian Equality chorus

The Knoxville Gay Men's Chorus updated their name to Appalachian Equality Chorus

KNOXVILLE'S LGBTQ Friendly Resources

LGBTQ Resources, Social Clubs, College Groups, Youth Groups, Family Groups, Sports Organizations, Mental Health, Help Lines, Mental Health, Transgender, Local and National Resources. 

Find the right resources easily without having to ask several people. Do you need an online group to talk too, or a support group that meets in person. Do you want to play on an LGBTQ Accepting Sports team. Are you looking for a number to call when you feel depressed, or one to text?  Do you want to come out? Are you looking for Transgender Resources? See our LGBTQ Resources Directory. It is the largest list of LGBTQ Resources in East TN. If you do not find something or would like to be added to this list please email Beau

What does lgbtq mean anyway?

What does LGBTQ mean? Please see the Human Right's Campaign (HRC) Glossary of Terms which I have found to be the most accurate for orientations and gender identity. 

The website I have developed is for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer individuals, those that support us and those that accept us to find LGBTQ FRIENDLY Businesses and Resources in our area, but it is also an opportunity to ENLIGHTEN those that have no opinion to be ACCEPTING and those that do have a negative opinion, maybe to CHANGE IT. 

All I know is that being the "Change you want to see in the world" is real and "leading by example" is important. Take care Everyone. ~Beau

Night Clubs, Bars & Breweries

Where to go to see a show, listen to music, Watch a football game & have a drink.

How many Nightclubs, Bars and Breweries are LGBTQ Friendly in Knoxville TN? Are there any sober spaces? See Our list.


Thank you for visiting Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory. 

This website is part of the "Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly, Owned and Operated Businesses" Group. Our online group is 10 years old as of December 2023. We never thought we would grow to be a public domain. We can't wait to see what is next for this organization. Email Beau 

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