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I spoke with founder Sean Bryant of Bryant's Bridge Inc, Transitional Housing for LGBTQ Homeless Youth. I asked how are things going at the house. Nico's House is the first home the organization has purchased for its  "Housing first" model.

Sean stated "They’re going well overall. Pretty stable. There are the normal struggles, of course (life with 8 people in a house), but pride month was good for and to us. We’ve had a small group of youth who have moved and are doing well. Others making progress and back in school to get careers. We keep up with most of them that got jobs and moved, and they often come back to be part of things. I feel good about the overall impact. "

Bryant's Bridge was visited by Mayor Indya Kincannon on May 11, 2023. She talked with the residents and learned about the housing-first model. Of that visit Bryant's Bridge stated on their social media " We believe that community creates change and by working together we can have positive change in our community that helps ...everyone." 

From their website you can read about how Bryant's Bridge utilizes assistance to reach goals of their resident's, "Bryant's Bridge offers assistance in finding supportive services to all of our residents. We have Community Partners that work with us to provide services to our residents." Some of those community partners are Second Harvest Food Bank, Positively Living & Choice Health Network, Nourish Knoxville, Helen Ross McNabb, MBody Healthcare, Appalachian Outreach, CAC Youth Wins, Gay Men's Support Groups, UT College of Social Work,  SoKno Pride, Dogwood Elementary, Community of St. Ninian, Goodwill Industries, and SEEED. Residents go to the Knox Pride center for life skills classes. Visit Knox Pride's website Knox Pride for a calendar of events and classes.

Mr. Bryant also affirmed that having positive experiences helps the youth grow to feel accepted in their surroundings. He mentioned they are fond of South Press Coffee Shop. "We love them a lot. They are a bright spot in our community. The environment there is welcoming and friendly. Our residents have experienced many traumas in short lives. South Press offers them a safe space to begin reintegration with the community, a few role models to experience outside of our organization, and lots of fun events to attend.”  

Sean stated financial responsibilities are going well,  "Resident rents mostly sustaining house bills, so the model is beginning to work." The organization has been the benefactor for many fundraisers over the last year to include being the recipient of some of the proceeds from the SoKno Pride Festival 2023 in South Knoxville TN that is held each June.  SoKno Pride donated $6,000 to Bryant's Bridge and it's other benefactor Rooted East. This is the 2nd year that Bryant's Bridge has been a benefactor of the event.  Bryant's Bridge has a Amazon Wish List. The organization also has a donation page. You can donate by mail at Bryant’s Bridge PO Box 9422​ Knoxville, TN 37920 or online at They have raised $22,018 of their $50,000 goal.

If you have any questions email Bryant's Bridge at Or visit their website at Byrant's Bridge


Knoxville Community Media, Serving Knoxville Conversations with Non-Profits in Our Community

YouTube Video interview from Knoxville Community Media, Outreach Series: Serving Knoxville 4039_ Bryant's Bridge part 1

YouTube Video interview from Knoxville Community Media, Outreach Series: Serving Knoxville 4039_ Bryant's Bridge part 2

SoKno Pride 2023 announces donations to Bryant's Bridge Inc and Rooted East

Facebook post from SoKno Pride donating $6,000 to Bryant's Bridge and another benefactor Rooted East. This is the 2nd year that Bryant's Bridge has been a benefactor of the event.  

Bryant's Bridge Inc's Founder Sean Bryant announces 1st resident at the home for LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Inside of the Bryant's Bridge Nico's Home

Photo of Bryant's Bridge Inc Founder's mother Dorothy Bryant who inspired the home and its name.

Knoxville TN Dec 21, 2021, Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

Bryant's Bridge Inc shared a video on their social media Tuesday. The organization's founder Sean Bryant announced the LGBTQ Transitional Home has taken in their first youth clients in one of his "We can make change" style dad talks on Tiktok.

In speaking with  nonprofit's founder, I learned he feels called to help youth in this way. He explained, "I’ve been led this whole time and have just tried to follow the higher purpose." He told me that Bryant's Bridge is modeled after his mother, whom he said, "loved everyone and accepted people for who they were."  His mother passed away in 2017. He began creating Bryant's Bridge on her birthday in 2020.

Mr. Bryant seemed ecstatic that his dream has come to pass just over one year from the date of its fruition. He exclaimed "I’m excited to really give this a try to see what can happen." "It’s my lifelong dream to support our community." He continued, "community creates change."

Sean thanks his board of directors for Bryant's Bridge and all the volunteers that have helped the home become a reality. He stated, "appreciation is my ultimate goal".  (To me this home is an example of a dream becoming a goal that with effort became a reality. If he can do it, then we all can. ~Beau)

Bryant's Bridge Mission Statement is "Bryant’s Bridge intends to provide affordable housing and a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth to prevent homelessness and promote growth in the areas of education, employment, health and mental health to develop strength of character and promote healing and independence in a world where societal structures create obstacles and hinder support systems necessary to adequately navigate the transition from youth to adulthood. " 

Bryant's Bridge Facebook Video "Letting LGBTQ youth know they are welcome at Bryant's Bridge."

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Bryant's Bridge Amazon Wish List

Sean Bryant "The Big Day" TikTok Video Dec 21, 2021 

Bryant's Bridge "Letting LGBTQ youth know they are welcome at Bryant's Bridge Facebook Video  Nov 21, 2021

Nico's House Video Bryant's Bridge Inc

Nov 18, 2021  Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

In a Video Announcement Sean Bryant talks about how  High school student, Nico Clayton took on Bryant's Bridge Inc as his senior capstone project by purchasing a house for the non profit to use.  Nico's House Facebook Video

Facebook Video Sean Bryan't talks about 

New Youth Resource to Avoid the Gap of Time to LGBTQ Youth 

Nov 18, 2021 Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

I spoke to the founder of Bryant's Bridge last month after viewing his video announcing the creation of his non profit Bryant's Bridge. Sean Bryant told me about the new housing option. Bryant's Bridge LGBTQ Youth Transition Home. He explained "When a young person comes out to their family most often they are not met with complete acceptance. They are met with a range of responses. Sometimes the family completely abandons the youth, often for years. This gap of time is when LGBTQ youth find themselves with no one to turn to. Sometimes they have nowhere to live and nowhere to go. We lose so many in that gap to addiction, disruptive behavior and suicide. Bryant's Bridge has a place for you to fit in and receive help. We will provide you with housing, healthcare referral, mental health and substance abuse counseling referral, college support, and mentoring programs. Bryant's Bridge is a 501c3 nonprofit. We are opening our first house January in 2021. " Email us for information or to learn how you can be a partner of Bryant's Bridge.  Email  Bryant's Bridge, Inc. (This was my first post about Bryant's Bridge on my social media. )

Creating Bryant's Bridge Video Sean Bryant 

Sean Bryant Announces the Creation of his non profit Bryant's Bridge

 Nov 20, 2022

October 21, 2021 Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

This was a video that I saw while looking up resources on the CAC Family Accademy Program. Sean Bryant and I are both members of a resources group of this program. I saw this video, then I called him. The thing I like best about being a "change maker", is lifting up other "Change makers" to see our efforts become realities.  Creating Bryant's Bridge Video

Youtube Video and WBIR News Story about Bryant's Bridge Inc

What is Bryant's Bridge Youtube Video 

WBIR Channel 10 News Youtube Video of New nonprofit helps homeless LGBTQ+ youth prepare for adult life  

Empowering Appalachia Podcast Interview Featuring Sean Bryant Founder of Bryant's Bridge

 Jan 27 2022 Empowering Appalachia Podcast featuring Sean Bryant founder of Bryant's Bridge Inc.