Sacred Owl and Salt Room Metaphysical Shop Knoxville TN 

215 Center Park Drive, Suite 100 Knoxville, TN 

Hours of Operation: Please call to verify times open.

(865) 964-2005


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A space for self-discovery and healing. Metaphysical shop and Salt Room. 

SERVICES: Salt room, Chakra Light Therapy, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Readings, Reiki Energy Sessions, Aura Photography

CLASSES: Past Life Regression in Salt Room, Numerology- All about your Name, Crystal Grids Class, 3-Part Tarot Class, Mediumship Practice Group, Crystal 101 Class, Introduction to Witchcraft, Spirit Animal Medicine/Animal Totems


The Salt Room Photo Provided by Sacred Owl and Salt Room


Activities and Classroom Photo Provided by Sacred Owl and Salt Room

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