Facebook logged out thousands of users March 5 2024

Facebook logs out thousands of users

Meta Logs out Users March 5, 2024  11:47am Knoxville TN Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory, Beau Knowles LGBT (Image My Facebook Like Symbol Coffee Cup.)

Updated 3:00 pm est. I was finally able to access my facebook account. During the time of being logged out I started texting my business contacts with this article and told them that I felt we should wait it out. I was afraid too many attempts to log back in or change password would cause even more problems. It still doesn't appear there was an explanation for the outage. 

Mach 5, 2024 11am

At 10:30 a.m. today eastern standard time my Facebook logged me out saying the "session had ended". Occasionally this happens. I start to enter my password and I can't get in. It says my password is incorrect when I know it's not. It is the right password. I look to see if maybe it sent me a notice on another device. As a social media manager and content creator I have a couple of different devices. One has a better camera, then the others, one plays better music. I look at all my devices. I'm logged out of all of them. That is odd, I've worked with the community members that have been hacked. Normally our beginning steps to dealing with a hacker is to find another device that you are logged in on and update your password. However, I was locked out of everything. 

I checked my other account, like most people I have a private and a professional account. No such luck there. I found myself logged out of my business account too. That one also says my password is incorrect.

I searched on the Internet looking at Google to see that many people are locked out. The report said thousands. It needs to be changed hundreds of thousands. The last time I looked it was 359,000 users 11:07 a.m. Eastern standard Time. 


Meta owns for social media platforms, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Threads. Looking over the information, it appears to be that all are being affected in some way. The best resource that I found was the organization Down detector which allows you to enter a description of your problem. Down Detector is providing the count of how many people are affected. The total for Facebook is currently 500,000. (CBS News)


Image: screenshot of Facebook messenger from my google pixel  phone

I do use a separate app ofFfacebook Messenger. I have this lovely, (sarcasm), request for creating a pin for using messenger. Even after I created a code it would not work. It was locked on this window. 


Image: screenshot of Facebook messenger from my google pixel phone

I'm seeing the same thing as the reports  for instagram , it's not loading. 


After reading all these reports I think I'm going to leave it alone. I tried to get into my account about 4 times.  I think it's best to wait it out. It's an outage, similar to a power outage, someone, somewhere is working to fix it. 

my contact info still works

I know many of us use Facebook for business purposes. It may cost us more than our time, but it can't be helped. I plan to run my organization as smoothly as possible. I am still here. You can still reach me the way you have off of social media. Email Knoxlgbtbusinesses@gmail.com phone number 865-236-0521, goes to my Google Voice Mail.  Text to get a response sooner.  Take care everyone. I will talk to you soon. Beau Knowles LGBT