Jan 11, 2022, Beau Knowles LGBT Businesses

Lillian Lovingood posted on South Side Pride's social media a google document form for anyone who is interested in being a co-organizer for their 2022 event. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FORM 

Jan 8, 2022, Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

Lillian Lovingood, co-organizer of South Side Pride announced on the organization's Facebook group that they are seeking help from the community.

South Side Pride was the event held on Sevier Ave in South Knoxville June 12, 2021. This was less than one month after co-organizer Jimi Miller had posted on social media stating he wanted to create a Pride event in the area as Knox Pride had announced they would not have a Pride Festival in Knoxville for June 2021. Jimi stated "I think we were all a bit disappointed by pride being canceled this year. That is why we decided to host one on Sevier Ave in South (Knoxville)."

Mr. Miller described his vision as "South Side Pride is an event in South Knoxville that celebrates and supports the LGBTQ+ community." Area establishments such as Simpl, Alliance, Trailhead, Old Sevier Merchants, Landing House, Honey Bee Coffee, Printshop, Borderland Tees, South Side Garage, Hi-Wire, Bliss Integrated Bodyworks, and South Coast Pizza helped by hosting vendors, entertainers or in other compacities.

The organizing duo of Jimi and Lillian wowed the lgbtq and local community with a Pride Festival that included a Fun Run, Yoga, a Bike Ride, Vendor Market, Eateries, Music with a DJ and Drag Shows. Volunteers seemed to help them at every turn, from creating activities to providing medical services in case of emergencies. They were overwhelmed by the community's response and the number of attendees. Lillian exclaimed, " It went so well and was such a beautiful event, we simply can't wait for what the future South Side Pride events have in store."

What I liked best about the event nicknamed by locals as, the "Mini Pride", was the lack of negativity, there weren't any protesters or the need for security. The whole event was so well orchestrated, everyone I met was in high spirits. I even reconnected with friends I hadn't seen in decades.

Lillian said in her announcement Saturday, "We are looking for some people who might be interested in taking over as organizers for SSP (South Side Pride) 2022. Jimi and I still will be involved in some capacity, but our current workload has made us realize we need to take a step back."

Ms. Lovingood requests "If you are interested in being a lead organizer for this event, please email expressing interest. There are many more volunteers on board than there were last year which will make things much easier, although there is a need for new organizers to fill what Jimi and I did last year."

I'm sure everyone would like to see South Side Pride continue. This would be an opportunity to flex your "organizational wings". It's not just an entertainment event but also a fundraiser. South Side Pride later announced they donated proceeds from the event to local LGBTQ organizations, Trans Empowerment Project, Tennessee Equality Project, Appalachian OUTreach, Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless, and The Bottom.

If you think you have the right stuff, email South Side Pride at Beau Knowles LGBT

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