Sevierville Salon Offers Rainbow Package Services for Transgender and LGBTQ Community

Sevierville Salon Offers Rainbow Package Services for Transgender and LGBTQ April 10, 2022, by Beau Knowles

Wanderlust Salon and Spa in Sevierville noticed a need for a safe space for intimate services such as waxing for Transgender individuals and the LGBTQ+ community. Owner Jessi Seaton decided to fill that need with a service package titled "The Rainbow Package". The service is designed for Transgender and LGBTQ clients to help them feel comfortable getting salon and spa services. I spoke with Jessi this afternoon, she stated, "I have 2 staff members trained at our Sevierville location."  "Both Maddie and Nathan took additional training on the proper techniques for waxing transgender and gender nonconforming bodies."  Viewing the Salon's website, I see Appointments are required. 

Personally, I know that often times Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. Queer and Non-Binary individuals feel self-conscious when they try to utilize services at a salon. There is a significant fear of being discriminated against. Though all the LGBTQ+ Community hopes for is acceptance & support. 

Reading about hair removal today, I learned it can be a mood booster for those hoping to achieve the goals of feeling comfortable in their own skin. You can read more about types of Hair Removal HERE I feel Ms. Seaton's service will be a dream come true for many. 

I love our area. -Beau

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