SoKno Pride Festival 2024 Knoxville TN

SoKno Pride

Updated April 22, 2024  Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses Knoxville TN

SoKno Pride festival 2024

SOKNO PRIDE FESTIVAL JUNE 29, 2024 8 Midnight Sevier Ave. Knoxville TN   SoKno Pride is the non-profit organization that produces the LGBTQIA+ event in South Knoxville’s Sevier Ave. community. @SoKno Pride

"Sokno Pride was born in 2021, with the intention of bringing the LGBTQIA+ community together in the form of a drag brunch. Before it even started it grew into something much bigger than I could have ever dreamed of. Planning this event has shown me that our community is capable of so much love and compassion. I want to thank you all for supporting this event and helping me shape it into something that our community needs, now more than ever. Please continue to love and support each other and do your part to make the community feel safe." SoKnoPride Co-founder Jimi Miller Learn more by visiting their website

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WBIR Channel 10 Youtube Video Sokno Pride hosts third annual celebration