Knoxville TN, Dec. 30, 2021, Knoxville TN, Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses 

I recently caught up with the owner of the Concourse Knoxville, the music venue and event space that is now located in Old North Knoxville. I "ran" into Jay Harris on social media as we were both trying to find the owner of a lost dog that wondered up to the Concourse building at 4328 N. Broadway Ave. Since the venue had an event that night, volunteers moved the pet to a foster's residence until it's owners could be found. I love a feel-good story almost as much as I love music, so I took this connection as a sign to ask Mr. Harris a few questions about the new location and how their recent events were doing?

Mr. Harris stated "We started doing limited events here in October of this year. The next event will be "Temple NYE Celebration". Temple is a long-standing event at the Concourse. Watching the YouTube film "Temple: Ten Years (Short Documentary)" I learned that Temple was founded by Jay who stated "Temple is advertised as a goth industrial night, but really it's for everyone and anyone. It mostly revolves around a darker crowd, but all are welcome." 

The new location is in the Northgate Plaza Shopping Center complex which previously housed the Kmart Department Store which closed in 2016. Concourse resides in the space last occupied by "Easy Own Home Furnishings" store. The venue space is 18,000 square feet with an open floor plan. The past location on Blackstock Avenue was 10,000 square feet only half of which could be used for a venue. This Knox News Sentinel article "From Blackstock to Broadway" from June 14, 2021, tells us more about the move plus the company's hopes for the new space. 

Since safety is a factor to indoor events these days, I asked Jay about the Covid-19 guidelines that are on the Concourse Facebook page. He answered "we are transitioning to a flex policy based on a show-by-show basis.  Temple will have a policy in place, along with most of our other events. 

I love seeing businesses renovate vacant areas. I wish the Concourse much luck in their new space. ~Beau