Fall in Love with South Press Coffee Shop

Fall in Love with South Press Coffee Shop

Inside of South Press Coffee 3615 Chapman Hwy Knoxville TN (Photo by Beau Knowles)

South Press Coffee 

Updated March 13, 2024 Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses 

South Press Coffee opened in 2020. It's a queer sober space with hand crafted coffee and tea house. The Coffee House also holds events with co hosts Knox Pride. Visit South Press Social Media to see the most up to date list of events.  3615 Chapman Highway Suite A Knoxville TN  (865) 900-1144  (The Knox Pride Satellite Food Pantry is no longer at South Press Coffee. The Pantry can be found at Knox Pride Center 4044A Chapman Hwy Knoxville TN)

South Press Facebook Profile https://www.facebook.com/southpressknoxville

Joslynn Fish first surprised us on her social media in July of 2020 as she discussed her plans to open South Press Coffee. She stated in her post that she was building her business model on things she felt passionately about, "Recycling, Local Art, Local Groceries, Queer Designated Space, Sober Space." She said "Perhaps it is a crazy time to be attempting to create this space for our community, but i see the need. There are queer people who need a space for them that is not alcohol centered." She went on further to say that because of an unexpected utility bill she did not have the funds to decorate the space. She assured us she did not want money but needed donations to decorate which would make an upcycling coffee house "comfy". Her list included, dishes, silverware, kitchen wares, couches, chairs, coffee and end tables, dining room tables and chairs, bookshelves, books, boardgames, card games, and decorations. I, myself, gave her some antique cups and saucers my teen left when they went to college. That post was shared into my LGBTQ Friendly Businesses Facebook group and began my knowledge of South Press and my admiration for Joslynn Fishes mission.  

Read more in the Facebook post Joslynn Fish July 23, 2020 or follow link above.

Joslynn Fish updates the community on activities at the coffee shop March 2024

Facebook Social Media Video by Joslynn Fish Weekly Update about events the South Press Venue is holding.  March 12, 2024

South Press Coffee Reviews October 2023

Here are some comments about South Press Coffee from our Readers,  

Sean Bryant founder of Bryant's Bridge Inc, Transitional Housing for homeless LGBTQ Youth said " We love them a lot. They are a bright spot in our community. The environment there is welcoming and friendly. Our residents have experienced many traumas in short lives. South Press offers them a safe space to begin reintegration with the community, a few role models to experience outside of our organization, and lots of fun events to attend.” 

"Words can't describe how much this establishment means to me. Granted I wish I could pay a visit more often than I do considering that we are down the street. My husband and I always feel safe and relieved when we visit after a ruff period of time.. Their customer service is exceptional always greeted with a warm welcome. ~B.D 

"Warm, safe, upbeat space to hang out with friends and enjoy fun activities, like Karaoke with Bratty on Wednesdays." E.E.C. 

"I love stopping in there for myself but when it was first opened, I loved it even more for my teenager and their friends who had a safe space to go hangout! As someone trying to be the adultier-adult and take good care of kiddos, that meant the world to me! I try to stop in with my youngest during vendor events and for the occasional yummy beverage and are greeted with excellent customer service every single time!" N.C. 

I've come to think of South Press as a great place to find LGBTQ community. I tend to run into a new or old friend every time I visit.  I consider it a good place to take a respite from the chaos of the outside world. Inside the shop you can find more to do than just enjoying coffee or treats, there are board games, puzzles, there are multiple bookshelves with all books provided by the Little Rainbow Library, It's a great space that feels like home except with complete acceptance and support." Beau Knowles

Still in Love with South Press Coffee July 2023

July 4, 2023,  Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

South Press Coffee Shop has become the "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" part of a Love story for East Tennessee Queer Folk. It was a coffee shop that started as a sober safe space in 2020, hosted by an adored community member, that has become a venue for entertainment and meeting place of thousands. The coffee shop not only has beverages and food of all varieties which is ever changing as Ms. Fish creates new menu items but also sells items from local small business food vendors..  Most nights of the week you can find an event happening at South Press, frequently co-hosted by the Knox Pride Center. It can be anything from Trivia, Karaoke, Bingo, Drag shows, Art Shows, or a Market.  I personally love all the events South Press plans. See Knox Pride's calendar of events on their website at Knox Pride.com or follow South Press Facebook Page for the most up to date list of events and hours.

Stop by the shop to see why you will "Fall in love with South Press Coffee." 

Joslynn Fish Gives an Updated Tour of South Press Coffee Mentions Future Plans for Unused Spaces 

June 28, 2023

Facebook Video of Joslynn Fish's Tour of South Press Coffee  June 28 2023

June 28, 2023 In her Social Media Live Video Joslynn Fish visits with viewers over coffee. She takes viewers on a tour of the coffee shop, showing us the Food and Health Care Satellite Pantry Items provided my Knox Pride Center (Items now only available at Knox Pride Center 4044A Chapman Hwy Knoxville TN Beau Knowles March 2024)

In Joslynn's "Sit down" talk she discusses unused space at the coffee shop and how it could best be used as a "sensory room" for individuals that find the shop overwhelming. You can learn more by watching the video. (I think this is a good idea, I know several individuals that would use space that was less stimulating.

Joslynn Fish the surprise and the request for help to create South Press Coffee July 23, 2020

Joslynn Fish's Social Media Post a Surprise and Asking for Help July 23, 2020

YouTube Video WBIR 10 News South Press Opens Its First Shop

Youtube Video WATE 6 News South Press Coffee Shop Award for Inclusivity Nov 2022

table in South Press Coffee Shop, Purple purse with a rainbow strap on the table, Free Mom Hugs label pin on the purse, purple drink on the table, white chairs in the background. Sign on wall says "South Press".

South Press Coffee Stage for Open Mic Night 

South Press Coffee Moves to Larger Location & Asks for Community Support for Extended Hours 

Sept 3, 2022

Sept 3, 2022  Beau Knowles Knox LGBT Businesses

In September 2022 South Press Coffee Celebrated 2 yrs of being in business. The self-titled "Queer Sober Safe Space" has been the love of the LGBTQ Community of Knoxville TN.  South Press' Facebook Business Page states it is a " a locally sourced, eco-friendly, hand crafted coffee and tea house" however, in my opinion this little slice of rainbow heaven has become a LGBTQ+ Ally's community favorite place to congregate.

The shop moved to it's new location at 3615 Chapman Highway. which was 100 yards away from where the original South Press Coffee Shop stood. The new space is 2800 square feet, easily 3 times larger than the size of the previous location but I have no doubt it will be filled with individuals eager to support the establishment. 

Joslynn Fish, the owner of South Press Coffee shop, went to her social media as she often did to ask for viewer assistance with the new extended hours of her coffee shop "Us being open this late only works if the space is filled with people and kind of make it worth it for us to be open late, " she said  in her video, "if you have a little time to come visit us or even if you don't have time to come see us...if everybody that this reached would just reach out to 5 friends that enjoy South Press, who appreciate the community we are building here, could just share with them that the hours are extended out it would just be really helpful to have people in the space." (South Press Facebook Video "We are OPEN until 8pm" at 2 min 11 secShe need not have worried fans of the coffee shop have always rallied to her aid.

Support South Press and other LGBTQ Owned Businesses today and everyday, so we can all continue to enjoy these great spaces.