Assistance Referral


Assistance Referral $50


Small business assistance.  

Advice on social media,

Google My Business

Referrals & more. 

Some questions I have answered have been:  How can I get more interest on my Facebook groups posts? How do I fix or change my business reviews?  What questions do you have?


When a customer says "Beau Sent Me" this a referral. 

Once the customer starts paying for services, I will expect payment. This is on the honor system. I will verify the client is happy with your service. 

This is a very simple website built to provide information on LGBTQ Friendly Businesses and to offer an extensive LGBTQ Resources and Support Section for those in need. This site currently is not a profit-making venture. Payments are to support the website and designer's modest expenses.

Your payment doesn't automatically renew, and no payment information is saved.  Your email will be collected to contact you for updates or to confirm additional support. Thank you so much for your Interest in supporting this Directory. 


These prices are subject to change without notice. 

(All payments are due at time of service. )