Job Listing


JOB LISTING $75 for per months


The job listing is placed on the Home page of this is the home of the Knoxville LGBTQ Business Directory. 

Job listings are a photo or logo of the business. 

There is a hyperlink to the businesses website or hiring platform. 

A job listing included a description of the job or jobs. Description of company, possible payment scale. 

Ads are proofed by employer before publishing

I can accept many forms of a photos, jpg, pdf, odg. I may ask for a different one if it does not fit in my website structure such as if google sites says the file is too big, or it does not fit in the space allowed or the color does not come in. I will work with you to find the best option for your job listing. 

This is a very simple website built to provide information on LGBTQ Friendly Businesses and to offer an extensive LGBTQ Resources and Support Section for those in need. This site currently is not a profit-making venture. Payments are to support the website and designer's modest expenses.

This listing is for 2 months from date of payment. It doesn't automatically renew, and no payment information is saved.  Your email will be collected to contact you for updates or to confirm additional support. Thank you so much for your Interest in supporting this Directory. 

$75 per month 

These prices are subject to change without notice. 

(All payments are due at time of service.)