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Business, Nonprofit, Organization will be listed in the section for the Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory that best represents the business such as "Health Insurance" for Insurance agents.

I allow 2-3 lines of text for word listings. This is 25-35 words maybe less.  Information is collected in a format that flows with the other listings of the directory. Business, organization name, brief description, telephone number and email. I may add a weblink in the business name that goes to the business website. If the business does not have a website the link will go to the business Facebook page. 

The email is also added to the listing but is not displayed publicly which will keep spam bots from collecting it. 

This is a very simple website built to provide information on LGBTQ Friendly Businesses and to offer an extensive LGBTQ Resources and Support Section for those in need. This site currently is not a profit-making venture. Sponsorship or donations are to support the website and designer's modest expenses.

Thank you so much for your Interest this website and the Knoxville LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory. 


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